The Challenge...

As I stood in that gallery, it felt clear to me that the mural will be a new kind of map of our country – you’re making Winsted a destination spot, but then taking every person on a tour of the country while they’re there. And imagine the possibilities for designing curriculum around the project – history, geography, art, American culture, sociology, etc. The mural is a course in itself.   ~ Nancy Arcieri, De La Salle Academy, New York

You got two different schools (and we’re talking about a school from East Harlem and a Connecticut boarding school!) to actually come together – and these kids don’t know each other – to actually participate and work with each other… that was part of the challenge and it really expresses what the mural is about.   ~ Fernando Salicrup, Taller Boricua, Harlem, New York

The Mount Rushmore for the rest of us.   ~ Dan Haar, The Hartford Courant

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