At last, after years of dreaming, planning, fundraising—and creating this giant mural—construction is underway in Winsted. The old mill roof is off and piers for the new one are going in.

I believe the mural will be an important tribute to workers and a financial and cultural assest to our region for generations to come. Now this project is in the hands of some of these workers themselves. The guys on the SCOPE construction crew and all their subs are AMAZING.

If you can do it, your help is still very much needed. We are moving fast on this phase and already planning for the next, our atrium and visitor center. From attorneys' fees on our grant agreement to removal of asbetos discovered in the tar on our roof sealer, the unexpected expenses keep coming. (Love these old buildings.) I am proud that in 17 years of planning and operations, we haven't had to take out a loan on the property.

If you are just finding out about the American Mural Project, I hope you can join in to help. For all of you who have supported us for over a decade, please keep it up. We are getting to the best part.

With thanks, Ellen Griesedieck

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