State Projects

In 2002, Ellen decided she wanted to involve others – especially kids – in making the mural. Eventually she formed a plan to do projects to create pieces of the mural in all 50 states. She estimates that over 50,000 people will participate by the time the mural is finished.

AMP now has partnerships with Habitat for Humanity, NASA, HealthCorps®, and the General Federation of Women's Clubs of Connecticut. AMP's Teacher Advisory Council is helping AMP develop a free curriculum around the mural that schools can use across the country.

Ellen works on each project in partnership with the leaders of a local group or organization that has similar educational goals. As the mural should both honor its subjects and challenge those who see it, the projects should honor these leaders and challenge the kids who get to work with them.

The map to the right depicts state projects finished (green states) and upcoming state projects (light blue states). The icons on each state represent on-going collaborative projects.